We are celebrating our 37th year of Ticonderoga Festival Guild delivering performing arts to the Ticonderoga Area and our 34th year of delivering free Children’s Programs to our region.  The Guild is very proud of the work we are doing.  Additionally, we feel the Guild provides an important service to our area.

The Guild strives to bring professional, high quality, entertainers and musicians to Ticonderoga.  Our residents do not have to drive 30-55 miles to see live theater, concerts and children’s programs.  We bring it here either for free or for a minimal price.

We believe that introducing children (at an early age) to a wide variety of performing arts not only entertains them but also teaches important life lessons and enriches their lives.  In a world driven by electronic gadgets, social media, free apps etc. it is critical to expose our youth to stories, music, dance, theater, magic, comedy and the circus.  Hopefully some of our programs will inspire children to cultivate their own creative talents.  At the very least we want to entertain them and bring joy to their lives.  All children’s programs are offered free of charge.

The Festival Guild Players, our new community theater group, has produced plays three times a year for the past two years.  It is a new emerging group and offers theatrical opportunities to anyone who wants to act, produce, direct or work behind the stage.  No experience is necessary so we hope more people will take a chance and become involved.  The players have had terrific audience response to each play they have put on.

The Ticonderoga Festival Guild is a totally volunteer, 501C Organization.  This allows us to use all money raised for our programs and program related expenses.  The Guild is grateful to the many people who donate to our organization.  We are also grateful to the businesses, and organizations that support us financially through advertisements, sponsorships, grants, and donations.    We sincerely appreciate the financial support and thank everyone who helps us! This generous financial support enables us to continue our work and allows us to entertain the residents of our area.

The Festival Guild is always looking for people to help us deliver our services. We would love to have new faces on our Board of Directors so if you have an interest please let us know!

The Guild looks forward to seeing you at our concerts and programs this year!  Join us for music, theater, or our children’s programs – you will have fun!