This year marks the Ticonderoga Festival Guild’s 40th anniversary and what a year it is turning out to be. We are working hard to be prepared to deliver our summer schedule while recognizing that we may have to do so in a different way than before the pandemic. Our organization falls into the Governor’s phase 4 of startup – currently there is no date tied to that phase. Since we do not start until July we are very hopeful that we will have permission to go forward with our outdoor programs and concerts.

This pandemic has terrified so many people so we will do everything we can to comply with any applicable guidelines. Currently our team is looking at ways to ensure social distancing is followed and we will request that our audiences wear face masks. Even if we follow all guidelines we know that some people will be too concerned to come out and attend our events – we totally understand and look forward to a time when that fear will not exist. For others it may be wonderful to be able to get out of the house and do something fun for a change.

The Festival Guild is committed (especially in this time of crisis) to do all we can to bring some joy, music and entertainment into our lives. It is so joyful to watch our children laugh, sing, dance at our Arts Trek programs on Wednesday mornings. There is nothing more pleasant, on a warm summer evening, than to sit on the lawn of the Community Center and listen to excellent live music. This year will be especially fun since local restaurants will be offering “Take-out Tuesday” dinners so you can have a picnic on the lawn while listening to the music.

Sadly, we hear of many organizations that have had to cancel their summer season. The Seagle Music Colony had to cancel – the first time in over 104 years! We sincerely hope that we will not be forced to cancel our season. Our summer productions are outdoors and don’t start until July. Join us in keeping your fingers crossed that our Governor will “let us entertain you!”